Susanne Helena de Keyser

I am a native Albertan, raised in the small town of Nanton, south of Calgary. I currently reside in Calgary. From a young age I had an interest in art that was nurtured by my grandfather, George W.A. Shaw, who was known for his landscape oil paintings and water colours. My Mom, Sue de Keyser, also became an active artist when I was a little older, so my immediate influence was twofold.

After graduating from high school I travelled to Switzerland for five weeks. Although I was still very young, my time there deepened my love for beauty in nature, colour, and dimensionality. I did not yet know that art was the path that I was to follow, but it has always been deeply ingrained.

Endless Night
Oil on Canvas
9" x 12"
Summer of 1998

I graduated from Augustana University College - now an extension of the University of Alberta's campus - in 1998, with a Bachelor of Arts. I spent the summer following my graduation from university with a close friend in the North West Territories. A good deal of that time was spent camping on an island in the north arm of the Great Slave Lake. My first painting post University, was a scene from that island entitled 'Endless Night'. This painting is now part of a private collection, and available for viewing on permission of the owner.

Now that I am more sure of my path than I have ever been, I am venturing to pursue my art in a more meaningful manner. I have several paintings that have been commissioned and are in private collections.

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